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Heres Inspector 354 starting off his retirement with, what looks like, a hole in one haha. The party will now be in full swing (pardon the pun!) in Evanton tonight. Hope you all have a great night and the humour of the cake, and lack of hair, is appreciated. Many thanks Scott
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Sometimes no matter what you just have to pull it out the bag and, when asked on Monday by the big boss of MFR if I could make a cake for Saturday, 'aaaaaaaaaaaahem of course no problem at all' had to be the reply!! He'll actually say thats a lot of rubbish and not what I said at all, more along the lines of 'if it was anyone else ...........' lol. Anyway I managed and here is one of the directors, Hillary, sailing off into the sunset with her husband Pug bidding a fond farewell to MFR. Hope you all enjoy the cake and I suitably surprised you, as you really had no idea what you were getting!! :o)
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Hillary and Pug's close up, the Captain and his 1st mate! Im sure their vessel is a lot grander than this but the general sailing theme is covered :o)
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There was a special celebration going on at Maggies Highland today as they bid farewell to Linda and wished her a very happy retirement. You might remember the birthday cake I made earlier this year using the colours of Maggie's mugs well this has been modelled on the actual mugs!! Lovely to see you again Elma hope you all had a lovely day and gave Linda a good send-off, many thanks again :o)
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The big boss of Scottish and Southern Energy stepped down this week and this was his leaving gift. Here he is inspecting a pylon with his landrover, just as you would expect to find the big boss of SSE haha!
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I know some cakes went out without photos last week unfortunately but this is the last photo to upload and Im caught up yippee! One of the RBS business managers retired last week and is off to teach Gaelic. Hope all the Harbour Road crowd enjoyed the cake and many thanks again :o)
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Keeping on the same winning colour scheme, of blue and yellow, from last week we have a cake that went to Breedon. Dunc retired after many years of faithful service and this was his send off. Hope you all enjoyed the cake.
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Well this was a bittersweet cake for me to make last week! Our beloved headteacher, Cris Ford, has now retired and left Kirkhill Primary for relaxing pastures new. We wish her a long and happy retirement, it has been a pleasure, and you will be much missed by staff, parents and kids alike. All the very best Mrs Ford.
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