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Theres no such thing as the Gruffalo ............Oh yes there is and he is here to wish gorgeous little Jack a very happy 1st birthday. Hope you had a fantastic day Amy and Jack had a brilliant birthday many thanks again :)
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Huge Sonic fan since waaaaaaaaaay back so to took great pleasure in making this one. Hope James had a great birthday Sharon and loved the cake as much as I did. Lovely to see you again :)
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Amidst the chaos of this week time to post a quick photo! Very happy birthday to little Jack who celebrated his 2nd birthday today and is a huge Spongebob fan. Thanks again Lauren hope you all had a lovely birthday tea :o)
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You will be impressed with this one, you will !! (I hope) We were very sorry to see Yoda leave Cake Mamma Towers yesterday but the little face that came to collect him made it all worthwhile, what delight! Liam had a great party with his friends this afternoon and I know he loved his cake as much as we did here. Thanks again Angela, another trusting customer that didnt have a clue what she was coming to collect, the Force was strong tho haha :o)x
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Happy Birthday Chelle, you big kid haha!!! The request was Mr Potato Head so here he is!! You'll get him tomorrow hope you had a great day, a good break and are all rested ready for another manic week at Cake Mamma Towers, Ive missed you haha :o)x
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Cant believe that in all the minions Ive made this is the first purple one!! El Macho's minions popping along here to wish Jamie a very happy 11th birthday. Hope you had a fantastic day and didn't spend the night trying to get rid of purple stains!! Many thanks again :)
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Now I dont know what would happen to this one if you got water on it, would it fire off mini cupcakes haha!! Here we have Gizmo to wish Marie a very happy birthday. Thanks again Donna delighted the cake went down well :o)x
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Had to save this one to post today on Star Wars Day!! May the Forth be with you :)
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Pikachu popping along here to wish Bailey a very happy 10th birthday. Hope you all had a great weekend and Bailey had a brilliant birthday. :)
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Had to post this one just before I start the Cake Mamma Christmas Party perparations!! Everybody loves Spyro but none more than Freddie who is 7 today. Hope you had a lovely day and Freddie had a fantastic birthday Laura and thanks also for being another customer with faith!! Love this :o)x
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To start off the Moshi double this week we have Poppet here to wish Lailah a very happy 5th birthday. Hope you all had a lovely weekend Krystl and Lailah had a fantastic birthday. Many thanks again and see you very soon x
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Sneeking this one into this folder as the bottom half is a giant cupcake!! Moshi no.2 Fizzy is here to wish Rhea a very happy 8th birthday. Hope you had a great weekend Maria, lovely to see you again and thanks again x
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Another returning favourite this weekend, the Gruffalo. Poor little Molly had to have her party postponed from last weekend due to chickenpox! Hope you made up for it this weekend Marie and had a great time. Many thanks again :o)
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This little fella hopped along to celebrate Ruaridh's arrival last easter. Its the first time the family have all managed to get together since his birth and wet the little man's head!! I know you all had a fantastic weekend Becky and Im delighted the little chicks went down so well with all your little chicks!! Many thanks again :o)
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We've had the chick now heres the hen!!!
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and the only cake this week to have a photo taken, sorry!!! Happy Birthday to Keira who celebrated her birthday at Teddy Mountain yesterday. Thanks again Katharine delighted the cake went down well :o)x
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Barney popping along again to wish Rosie a very happy 4th birthday this time. Delighted you enjoyed the cake Nell and Rosie had a great birthday, many thanks again
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LOVE this little guy!! Wishing dog mad Emily a very happy birthday this weekend. Hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoyed your cake :)
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Another familiar visitor here! Poppet is Rianna's favourite and here she is to wish her a very happy birthday. Hope you had a great day Alana and see you next weekend for the next instalment :o)
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This little guy as appeared quite a few times since I made the first one! This time he has popped along to wish Ruben a very happy birthday. Hope the party went well and the kids weren't scared to death by the 'real' Gruffalo making an appearance haha! Many thanks again Lynn delighted you enjoyed the cake :o)
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This little guy was another big favourite here with the little cupcakes and fortunately does not rabbit on like the real thing haha! He headed off to Edinburgh this weekend to celebrate Skye's 5th birthday with lots of accompanying Oreo cupcakes and a few apple and cinnamon ones for the big people!! Hope you had a fantastic birthday Skye :o)x
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#hadtobedone hahahahaa :o) This little guy will be appearing in the new window very soon, gives away the theme a bit ;o)
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Another appearance from Gizmo to wish Jade a very happy 11th birthday this week. Hope you had a lovely time and Jade had a great birthday. Many thanks again Jill.
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And another repeat visitor with Poppet here wishing Ellie a very happy 7th birthday. Hope you had a great party Heather and enjoyed the cake. Many thanks again :o)
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Yeaaaaaaahh was delighted to be asked to make another minion!! Scott celebrated his 12th birthday at the weekend and this was a last minute change to the ordered x-box cake after seeing the display minion. Thanks again Margaret hope you all had a great weekend and Scott had a fantastic birthday :o)
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Another visit from an old friend earlier in the week ..... Gizmo!!
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Another one from last week wishing Jay a very happy 6th birthday. Many thanks again Carrie always a pleasure! This is, obviously, Broxi the Rangers bear but versions of this available in any team mascot :o)
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A very happy birthday to Kevin who is, apparently, a big Mr Potato Head fan. Hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed the cake :o)
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Yeeeeeeeeeeah its everyones favourite, a minion!! A little last minute sneak in to wish Emily a very happy 13th birthday. Hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed your minion :o)
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Wouldn't be a normal week without a minion or two and heres the first Tracy's minion for her minion! Delighted it went down well and thanks again :o)x
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And Scott's minion which didn't get a photo call before it left and it had a wee bit of an attack before this one was taken lol! Delighted you all enjoyed the cake :o)
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We're beginning to feel like a Minion re-homing point at Cake Mamma Towers!! Here's two of this weeks delegation that went off to wish Tiree and Mr Guthrie a very happy birthday. Hope everyone enjoyed their minion and had a lovely birthday :o)
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Nathan a happy birthday this weekend................. you will have!! Hope you all had a great time and enjoyed a slice or two of Yoda :o) Thanks again Rhona
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Another visit from Broxi Bear to wish Craig a happy 30th birthday earlier this week. Hope you had a great birthday Craig and thanks again Melissa :o)
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Another minion to add to the gathering!! A very happy birthday to Emily who celebrated yesterday. Hope you had a brilliant birthday and delighted you enjoyed your cake. Many thanks again Mhairi :o)
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Spyro the dragon popped along to wish David a very happy 6th birthday this weekend. Hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the cake. Many thanks again :o)
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It wouldn't be a proper week without a couple of these guys to lighten up proceedings! A very happy birthday to Archie and Jayden who both celebrated their birthdays this weekend and are minion daft (as we all are!!) Hope you both had great birthdays :o)
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Another favourite this week. Here was have Daisy popping along to wish Billy's mum a very happy Christmas. Delighted you were pleased with the cake and hope your mum enjoyed it :)
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A new one for this album we haven't had an Angry Bird giant until now! Wishing Christopher a very happy 5th birthday. Hope you had a great party and you are not cursing the red icing too much Louisa :)
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