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Daddys Subaru
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Happy 40th Anniversary to Hilary & Iain who are having a party with family today in Glasgow before they all head off to Portugal tomorrow morning, lucky them.
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Close-up of the avid crossword fans
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Tina Knox 's brother Alan going about (or not!) his work
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Tina Knox 's cake to celebrate her brothers graduation
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back to the Alness Golf club again for this one Ive made cakes for quite a few of the members there now!!
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and his spotlight moment with a little injection of sarcasm in the walking stick!! :o)
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last cake of the week now and boy did I have fun with this one!! EVERYTHING you see here is edible, even the goals are made out of icing. Hope Andrew has a great birthday and thanks for the challenge Ellen I had a ball here.
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Andrews close-up :o)
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a very happy 50th wedding anniversary to Marion & Alec who are just back from a cruise to celebrate.
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A very happy 16th wedding Anniversary to Andrew & Helen Randerson today. Have a great day and enjoy yourselves at Jason Manford tonight and many thanks again
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another offering for you tonight this lovely chocolate anniversary heart
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Happy Birthday to a, much loved, dad and Grandpa for today. Thanks Charlene Conner hope you all enjoyed the cake and your dad had a lovely birthday :o)
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another much loved dad and grandpa celebrating a special birthday today with all the family. No doubt enjoying a little tipple of his favourite malt!! Thanks again Amanda Mckendry Learmonth hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the cake - also hope you manage to get your dad off before the kids eat him haha :o)
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Poker loving Yasmin is 21 today and having a lunch with friends to celebrate. Have a great day Yasmin enjoy your birthday - have some chips !! :o)
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a very happy birthday to Maria who has now had quite a few cakes and is addicted to chocolate cake so champagne & chocolate combination (thats champagne on the top and chocolate cake not champagne in the cake!) to help her celebrate her special birthday
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a very happy golden wedding anniversary to Sandy and Helen who are celebrating tonight with family and friends
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now a belated cake my long lamented (or demented!) sidekick who had a birthday 2 weeks ago during the mayhem. Unfortunately I didnt have time to come up with a production for her ..................... sorted!! Belated Happy Birthday Wendi - enjoy :o)
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a very happy birthday to Lewis today who is a big F1 fan, in particular, the Red Bull team (very fitting for me my staple drink!) hope you had a great day Lewis and got pole position (had to be done sorry!) on your birthday :o)
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This is what one lucky lady was woken up with this morning - breakfast in bed, the cake and the real watch.
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Closer look at the bling!!
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Happy Birthday to Suzanne who loves a chocolate orange (bit like myself!!) so here is her chocolate orange giant cupcake with her and her tanning kit !! Have a lovely day, enjoy your cake and get ready to do it all again tomorrow :o)xxx
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This was the centrepiece at Carrie's boxing day party this afternoon. Thanks again Carrie and hope you had a great party :o)
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sorry bit of a misty one here could say it was the north sea har!! Very relieved to have just had an email telling me this cake has just reached its destination which was .............. the oil rig!!!! Very nervy morning this is not the most stable of cakes as you can see. Hoping Del has a great birthday and enjoys his cake :o) Just had an update on its journey and ............. It had to go from the house, into a van, from the van onto a boat, then climb up 400 scaffold steps, onto a cradle and be hoisted 200ft in the air to a tea shack theyve made up the rig legs!!lol
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Janice got quite a surprise when she came to collect this cake yesterday, the brief was Dianes 30th and she likes dominoes! Hope you have a great birthday Diane and enjoy your cake and your party tonight :o)
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Happy Birthday to you, happy birthdy to you, happy birthday dear Dale , happy birthday to you! This is a cake that is, now, on its way to Edinburgh for my adopted son! Adopted in that he has decided we have so much in common that we must be related in some way so I am now known as his Mamma2! Dale is studying to be a podiatrist at uni (look closely you'll see the little feet on the cake) and, when he's qualified, is going to take care of the poor weary feet of Cake Mamma. Have a great birthday Dale and enjoy your cake :o)x
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This cake headed off to Skye this morning for Don who is having a special birthday very soon. Hope you all have a lovely weekend celebrating, I hear they can party up there!! :o)
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Kelly and Miley greeting Daddy on his return home from offshore just in time for his birthday. Hope you all had a lovely day eventually and Tim liked his cake :o)
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This may be a familiar sight to a lot of you infact some of you maybe know the 'William' in question! A very happy birthday to William and please cut your cake now they are made to be eaten and Lori wants a bit!! Thanks again Lori :o)x
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Daddys dream car for his birthday today! Thanks again Jade hope you all had a lovely day :o)x
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Happy birthday to Craig who turned '30' todayand is a big Aberdeen fan hope you had a lovely day Zoe and thanks again :o)
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a very happy birthday to a much loved Mum and granny who is celebrating today. She loves her grandson, her 2 collies & toadstools! Thanks again Sarah hope you all had a lovely dinner and your mum got a nice surprise :o)
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Marie's Mum and Dad celebrated 50 glorious years last night and here was their suprise from the family. Congratulations to you both and hope you were 'bowled over' (well it had to be done, sorry!) by your cake :o)
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Congratulations to Daz who is opening a new butchers shop this weekend. Im not sure whether its Nairn or Elgin maybe Sarah could let me know and I could give him a plug!! Thanks again Sarah hope you all had a lovely meal and wishing Daz all the best with the shop :o)
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and a very special cake to welcome home a special daddy :o)
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very happy birthday to Kenny who is 33 today. Kenny's daughter told me this morning that this was 'Daddys favourite juice' haha. Have a great day and thanks again Alicia :o)
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A very happy birthday to Amanda who was surprised this morning with this birthday cake from her friend Lily . Many thanks again Lily, hope you both have a lovely day and enjoy the cake :o)x
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This cake will be appearing tonight at Eden Court at the 'Girls Night Out' which, unfortunately, I wont be :o( Pamela is there promoting her business, Pretty Devine Hair Extensions. Hope you have a great night Pamela and it all goes well for you, thanks again :o)
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Happy birthday to Stuart who is celebrating turning 30 this week. Hes a big poker fan and hopefully wont be too upset that Ive got him crying into his hand here!! Hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed your cake. Many thanks again Susie :o)
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another appearance from old friends Kate & Pete here to wish Mhairi a very happy 30th birthday, another one that idolises this pair haha!! Have a great time girls and enjoy the cake :o)
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Unfortunately the company name details are on the back of this digger but the proprietor may be familiar to many! Ronnie MacRae Plant Hire is the buiness and a very happy birthday to Ronnie this week. Hope you all had a great time Ashley and your dad enjoyed the cake :o)
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theres a surprise party going on at the moment that hopefully managed to stay a surprise!! Happy birthday Gordy hope you are having a great party and enjoy your surprise cake!! :o)
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one last cake for you tonight and its hot off the press!! Great Auntie Nancy has reached the grand old age of 93 tomorrow and here is her birthday cake. 2 tiers of vanilla sponge decorated with handmade edible lace and white roses. I know you wont be reading this Auntie Nancy but have a lovely birthday tomorrow and enjoy your cake with the ladies :o)
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a very happy birthday to Jessica and Harry's Granda who also has a birthday this week. Hope the cake went down well leeanne and thanks again, are you all fed up of cake yet?? :o)
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and the last little one bringing up the rear of a mad crazy week!! A very happy birthday to Neil whos only request was, more of that birthday cake we had!, so easily pleased :o) Hes a painter/decorator so more of that birthday cake with a little painting/decorating twist was just what he got! Thanks again Donna hope the surprise went down well and Neil enjoyed his cake, have a fab holiday :o)
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a cake made for the recipient of the very popular medical cupcakes. This cake is for the gentlemans sister who works for a medical supplies company and Im reliably informed that this means 'Happy Birthday to you' in Gaelic! :o)
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Happy birthday to Allison who is celebrating today and Aimee wanted her beloved ginger cat made into cake. Enjoy :o)
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Now this cake was a pleasure to make as I am also a huge fan, hopefully Ive done it justice (ok maybe not my Alsatian!) Only people of a certain age will remember this one and all I'll say is 'remember the Toecutter!!!' A very happy birthday to Daddy from Deacon. Thanks again Lisa hope you all have a lovely day and enoy the cake :o)
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Happy birthday to daddy Morris who was celebrating today. Every year he has had a Tesco chocolate caterpillar cake apparently ........ not this year lol!! Hope you had a great day Lors and the cake went down well :o)
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Back to the birthday cakes now and here we have Ross who celebrated his birthday at the weekend. Ross is the son in law to be of one of my brides and the fiance of an up-coming bride. Thanks again Erin hope you had a great time and Ross enjoyed his cake :o)
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There have been many that shared in my grief with this cake over the past few days lol!! The brief was a 'high heeled boot' no other requirements but, of course, I went for the most difficult option to have it upright!!!! Unfortunately I was not able to get it stable and, as it had to make the hour journey to Skibo Castle, the risk was too great and I had to settle for raised on the board. Inexperienced in carved cakes I learned some valuable lessons and thanks to all those who held my hand, held my hankies, bleeped out my swear words etc etc you know who you are haha!!
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A little bit of dads favourite tipple was the order of the day on this cake! Hope you had a lovely birthday Kevin and enjoyed the cake :)
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Ok here we have a far better photo of our Queen of Breakfast sat dipping her feet in the, very blue, Ness!! Trainers ditched after successfully completing the 5x50 challenge and a little bottle of vino that Mr Marr has popped over with from the Eden Court bar!! :o)x
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Apologies for the fuzzy photo there seems to have been a greasy finger on my lens!!! Here we have our Queen of Breakfast celebrating her birthday on completing the 5x50 challenge. Dipping her blistered feet in the Ness and enjoying a little tipple Mr Marr has obviously nipped over with!! Hope you had a fab birthday Nicky and very well done on completing the challenge :o)x
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Not going to name any names on this one yet as I know they are all out enjoying a family celebration and will allow them to break the news themselves. This is a lovely young couple I know well and this was the birthday cake given today from her boyfriend and now fiance ....... she said yes!! :o) Very many congratulatins to you both :o)xx
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a family gathering taking place this weekend in Inverness. Hope you all have a lovely time and enjoy the cake many thanks again Rachel
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cake to try and persuade a work colleage not to make the move !!
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This cake is for the birthday of a substance abuse counsellor. Many thanks again hope the cake went down well no illegal substances went into the making haha :o)
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A very happy birthday to Chloe's dad celebrating his birthday this week. Anyone else remember the old Bon-Accord lorries?? I do and Chloe's dad used to drive one. Thanks again hope you all enjoyed the cake :o)
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Very happy birthday to Lewis who was celebrating last week. Im not sure of the story behind this one but Lewis is obviously a racing fan/driver and is part of 'Team Haggis' Thanks again Gillian hope you all had a great time and Lewis liked his helmet :o)
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Selina celebrated her 30th birthday at the weekend and the girls are all having a lovely spa day. Hope you had a fantastic time, green with envy!! Many thanks again Fiona :o)
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George celebrated his 70th last week and here is his cake with his beloved Scotland baseball cap on top which I believe he wont allow to be eaten! Thanks again Lesley lovely to see you again and a pleasure as always :o)
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This gentleman stopped me at Blackpark filling station last week after seeing the cakemobile, unassuming as it is!!, he was having problems getting a birthday cake for his wife. No problem at all gluten free happy birthday mum from all the family. Thankyou so much Willie and also to your son for the lovely text saying how much you had all enjoyed the cake delighted to have been able to help.
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Alex celebrated his 45th birthday on Friday night with his blast from the past Anti Nowhere League cake! Hope you all had a great night Carol and the cake went down well many thanks again :o)
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A very happy birthday to John the Coastguard. Hope you had a great weekend Emma and John enjoyed his cake. Many thanks again :o)
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One that, I have no doubt, my sons will appreciate here! Hamish had is birthday 2 weeks ago but didnt get round to celebrating until last weekend where friends and family gathered at the Glenmoriston to party. Hope you had a lovely weekend Carina and Hamish had a fantastic birthday. Many thanks again and look forward to hearing from you in the future :o)
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Rhona celebrated her 25th birthday this week and is another fellow Converse lover and even in my favourite colour!! Hope you had a brilliant birthday Rhona and you all enjoyed the cake :o)
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This cake was made for our neighbour upstairs who will forever now be known as 'Low Fat Dave' Dave's mum celebrated her birthday in Edinburgh and the cake went with him on the Megabus. Daves mum also has to adhere to a strict low fat diet (hence low fat Dave!) so this cake is a low fat banana cake. Many thanks again Dave hope your mum had a great birthday and it was lovely to meet you. :o)
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One from earlier this week wishing James a very happy birthday. This is the lorry he drives for Cormack's. Hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed the cake if Lisa allowed it to be cut! Many thanks again Lisa :o)
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This cake went along to my lovely friends at Acorn Signs on Friday to wish Lauren bon voyage as she heads off on her travels. All the very best Lauren and have a safe trip, you will be missed! :o)
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Another very popular visitor to the page, the parcel cake with embossed ribbon and bow. Wishing Isobel a very happy birthday. Hope you had a lovely day Claire and your mum had a fantastic birthday was so lovely chatting to your dad what stories!!
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A new one to me here, Swansea! A very happy birthday to Terry who celebrated his birthday at the weekend. Many thanks again Amanda hope you all had a great time :o)x
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Cake delivered to La Tortilla Asesina on Saturday for a birthday being celebrated.
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A very happy birthday to Sandy who celebrated the big 60 this weekend.
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Special cake for a special girly! Its not easy looking after us artistic types the constant tantrums, diva strops, foot stamping and dummy spitting out (and that's just a Thursday lol!). My trusty sidekick, Michelle, celebrates her birthday tomorrow and was partying last night. Hope you had a great night and enjoyed the cake you deserve it. Join me in giving my girly lots of lovely birthday wishes Happy Birthday Michelle :)
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Never tire of these little guys!! Unfortunately he didn't stay with us for very long as Neil was beating the door down this morning first thing to collect his cake. We were gutted haha!! Hope you had fantastic birthday and let the kids eat your cake :o)
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Always annoys me when we get a 'Ive been let down' phone call!! Sometimes we can help and sometimes its just not possible. Poor Gaynor was let down 2 days before her daughters engagement celebration. Saturday was a bit chaotic but, amidst the chaos, I managed to get these 'Shrek and Fiona' giants finished and delivered to the venue in time for the party. Hope you had a fantastic night Gaynor and all the very best to Andrew and Tiffany :o)
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Now I DO love a handbag as you all know and I have made a brown version of this Mulberry bag but purple was the request today. Inspired by a super talented and all round lovely lady I know, Elisa Strauss from Confetti Cakes in NYC (if you haven't visited you must!). Praying it made the grade Elisa although not on quite your scale!! Hope Ewan managed to come up with the real thing for you Kirsty and you had a fantastic birthday :o)
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Scott is leaving his job as an SSE meter reader and heading to pastures new. Good luck from all your colleagues they're going to miss you!
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Another one of these little guys this week to wish Mark a very happy birthday. I know you had a fantastic birthday and enjoyed the cake. Thanks again Becky and take care :o)
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Everybody loves Henry and none more so than this special mum! Not sure if its Ashley's mum or Kerry-ann's but hope you had a great birthday mum and enjoyed your lemon Henry cake. Thanks again girls lovely to see you again :o)x
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Quite literally seeing these guys in my sleep these days lol and its only going to get worse when Santa kicks in!! Happy birthday to a very special daddy. Hope you all had a great weekend Cara and Im delighted you all loved the cake :o)x
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Mr Campbell of Campbell Haulage celebrated his birthday this weekend. Hope you all had a great night and thanks again Jo, finished in the nick of time!!! :o)
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A very happy birthday to Wendy who celebrated earlier in the week. Another fan of glitzy shoes, bags and shopping. Hope you had a fantastic birthday and enjoyed the cake :o)
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Another one of my favourite little guys to wish Nikita a very happy 8th birthday this week. Hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed your minion :o)
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The start of the army leaving 2 down goodness knows how many still to go!!!
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A couple of the normal minion variety also sneaked out :)
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This cake was a thankyou from Begg Shoes, Inverness to all their customers. If you popped in over the weekend you might have had a little nibble!! Hope you all had a crazy busy weekend and the cake went down well, thanks again :)
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Another one from last week wishing Lisa a very happy birthday. She is a big angry birds fan :)
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A little last minute fit in here and unfortunately I didn't have time to make the lovely King Julian but here he is, none the less, lounging under the palms! Happy birthday to Marek and delighted you both enjoyed the cake thanks again Klaudia :)
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Here we have The Murrays relaxing with their pooch! Im not quite sure what the celebration was but always lovely to see you Kim, thanks again :)
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Lyndsey celebrated her birthday recently and Mark requested a mini version of their wedding cake I made back in the summer. All gluten free with fresh cream and fruit. Hope you had a great birthday Lyndsey and many thanks again Mark lovely to see you both again :)
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